Why I love Americans

“Americans are prude, materialistic and so fake!” This is what we heard all our life’s. But the sad thing is, that people who say that, often haven’t even lived in America or barley ever got to know any Americans.


To put things in a nutshell, Americans are totally charming, hospitable and giving. So nice, that people believe the behaviour to be fake first and then come to realize that his is just how many Americans are. Surprise, Surprise!

It already started when we landed in San Francisco and took an Airport Shuttle to Santa Rosa. Before departing our bus driver came around with a huge bowl of candies and introduced himself to each and every one of us. What a nice and warm welcome!





We lived with a friend for the next couple of weeks and got to know lots of Americans. Promptly, on the following day we got equipped from all sides. “You love mountain biking? Hey, just take my bike for the rest of your stay”, “Want to come with us to the Gym? No problem, lets organise a member card for you”, “You will definitely need a car for your time in America just use mine!”, “Heard that you love to ski, well just come with us, we are going to ski next weekend” (Unfortunately, I had to say no to this one, as we had no time, but I would have loved to ski in the Sierra Nevada)

This is something I would never ever experience in Germany. Oh boy, especially not with cars. They are all like freaking out about their holy cars!





Another thing is, I would never get as many compliments and nice comments (sometimes from completely strangers) as in Germany in a month time. Compared to what I have heard here in only one day! People are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and wouldn’t make a secret about their thoughts, especially about nice ones. This was kind of moving, as Germans tend to treat each other rather coldly.





Once our friend was invited for dinner; therefore we were automatically invited too. As our host found out that we are vegans it was no problem at all, not even worth mentioning any further. So we were looking forward to a nice and entertaining night with some yummy side vegetables. We had no idea!

We were totally blown away! Once we arrived they presented us a little menu card. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They created a totally vegan, four course meal for all of us! As a welcome drink we had fresh mixed tropical smoothies with fruits from their garden. The food was amazing and we were impressed of how creative they combined flavours and played with the ingredients. Vegan cooking is so much fun even for people that are not used to it. In fact, they said that they find it really filling and satisfying and didn’t miss the meat at all.

It was such a nice time and we did not even once hear any awkward comments about veganism as we do many times in Germany.


In other words Americans are adorable and I really enjoyed my stay in California. It’s such a good feeling to be surrounded by friendly people as this is not a matter of course.


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  • #1

    Julia (Freitag, 13 Februar 2015 05:32)

    vielen Dank für diesen motivierenden und richtigstellenden Erfahrungsbericht!!
    Ich kenne auch ein paar Amis, die super nett sind und nicht den üblichen Klischees entsprechen.

  • #2

    Uschi Agboka (Montag, 16 Februar 2015 03:21)

    Sehr schöne Seite und gute Infos, schön, dass man hier mal klar stellt, wie die Amerikaner wirklich sind ...
    Danke und weiter so
    Uschi Agboka

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    Franz Stepanek (Montag, 16 Februar 2015 06:22)

    Es stimmt, wir haben bisher 15 Reisen in die USA unternommen,haben nur die besten Erfahrungen mit den Amerikanern gemacht und dabei auch einige Freunde gefunden. Bis auf ganz wenige Ausnahmen waren alle offen,freundlich und vor allem sehr hilfsbereit.Das ist, abgesehen von der Natur, den Städten und Sehenswürdigkeiten auch einer der Gründe warum Amerika unsere absolute Lieblings- Destination ist.