Do I need societies approval to live the life I want?

In today’s world we function like little soldiers. We march in one direction. We do the same steps everyday for years.

But if people stand up, or walk in a different direction which isn’t considered as normal or isn’t practised by the majority, they are getting judged instantly. The thing is – we desperately need those people! But they are getting less and less.


Our problem is that we have a strong urge to feel excepted. A great fear to be different than the others. But it is not about the others, it is about you. You cannot please everybody and you shouldn’t because the only thing that counts is that you live the life you want. It is impossible to please everybody. People will talk anyway since they have their own realities, beliefs and thoughts. There is no way to make them stop.

Make more of those things that make you happy. No matter what it may look like for others.

Don’t get confused about all that pretending that is going on at the moment. Nobody will show you what’s behind the scene. It is so easy to get frustrated while comparing your “behind the scenes” with anyone else’s “life show”! You cannot see what is actually going on in their lives. Remember they will only show you whatever they want you to think about them.

This is important, so keep that in mind.


Please start to live your life not for others, but for YOU! There is no way to pretend shit for a lifetime because it will finally eat you up from the inside.

You need that certain education, that important job (which will leave you with nothing else than a shitload of work) to feel excepted and adored from everybody else. But in the end if this job does not make you feel good, it’s not going to work out in the long run. Maybe it just makes your parents feel proud, because they wanted you to do all that in the first place.


Pretending is no resolution – never! It will probably make you feel safe at first. It will simulate the feeling of being “normal”, of being socially accepted. This is not what you want. This is how other people want to see you. Understand the differences.

Don´t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself!

What happens if you have a totally different point of view? What if happy means something else for you? Does it make you a weirdo to feel different about certain things? No it DOES NOT. We are individuals, it is normal to feel different, but when we grow up, we sometimes lose the ability for authenticity.


Be true to yourself this is the most important message I will ever give to you.

Do not ask yourself:


Am I to fat for this world?

Am I to skinny for this world?

Am I to short for this world?


Are they going to like it if I do that?

Am I looking odd if I do that?

Train yourself to not care! Would those questions come into your mind if you would live on an isolated island? No? There you go. You feel insecure because of other opinions they might have.


Do you realize what this kind of mindset does to you? It will put you in a little cell, a cell of your thoughts. You should learn to free yourself from these thoughts and realize that it is not important what other people think of you. What society is considering as normal.

The only reality that is actually real for you is what YOU think about yourself and the world. And this is what matters!

Does it feel right to quit your job because it doesn’t make you happy anymore and you want to go travel instead? Fucking do it!

Don’t listen to those voices that are trying to tell you what is right or wrong! They have their own realities. Probably realities that you will never understand, that will never fit into your life. And this is the point where you are going to realize that people are so different that it is impossible to have a norm! A norm for everyone.

It is important to not try to fit into any boxes - it is important to create the life that makes YOU happy. A life that satisfies you is the only thing that gives you the energy to move on.

Some people will always consider your behaviour to be wrong. But that does not matter. This is not your reality. Mind your own business! These are not your thoughts, and they will never be!


At the end it is YOUR life, we only live once so make sure it is a good life, a life that is worth living for. A life that looks good for YOU and only YOU!

Go ahead and do all those crazy little things in your head, that you where hiding for so long. Forget about all those little fuckers that will never risk changing anything, who will rather lie to themselves, before taking a step in the right direction.


Start to work on a better life TODAY!

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