Do I need societies approval to live the life I want?

In today’s world we function like little soldiers. We march in one direction. We do the same steps everyday for years.

But if people stand up, or walk in a different direction which isn’t considered as normal or isn’t practised by the majority, they are getting judged instantly. The thing is – we desperately need those people! But they are getting less and less.


Our problem is that we have a strong urge to feel excepted. A great fear to be different than the others. But it is not about the others, it is about you. You cannot please everybody and you shouldn’t because the only thing that counts is that you live the life you want. It is impossible to please everybody. People will talk anyway since they have their own realities, beliefs and thoughts. There is no way to make them stop.

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Why I love Americans

“Americans are prude, materialistic and so fake!” This is what we heard all our life’s. But the sad thing is, that people who say that, often haven’t even lived in America or barley ever got to know any Americans.


To put things in a nutshell, Americans are totally charming, hospitable and giving. So nice, that people believe the behaviour to be fake first and then come to realize that his is just how many Americans are. Surprise, Surprise!

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